Allow me to sleep with your friend: Woman begged husband; See reason why.

By: / Jul 10, 2020

Allow me to sleep with your friend: woman begged husband; see reason why

A woman named Linda allegedly pleaded with one Okey who is her husband to permit her to sleep with his friend. The reason for making such an unusual request according to Linda is to allow her get pregnant. 

Linda said she has been married to Okey her husband who is an international business man for 8 years without any child to call her own. According to her, the doctors said her husband has low sperm count and even though he was treated, it never got better and she still can't get pregnant.

She said they have tried both medical and spiritual remedies but none worked. So she requested her husband permit her to have sex with his friend who she will not disclose to that she got pregnant from their escapade.

The request did not go down well with the husband who has chased Linda from their home reportedly located around Agodo Egbe, Ikotun area of Lagos state. The husband was furious and send Linda packing for making such an outlandish request. He is of the opinion that for Linda to mention his friend, it means they have been sleeping together and Linda was only looking for ways to make it official.

Linda who is now living with relatives has begged for forgiveness and had several emissaries sent to her husband to beg him but he refused receiving her back home. Linda purportedly landed her self in trouble because she was looking for how to consolidate her marriage for fear of what will happen to her if she bears no child for her husband. 

If you are the husband will you chase your wife away for making such request?

Do you think she was right to make such a request since her husband was not getting her pregnant?

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