Breaking: Airtel Network Denies Gifting Customers 1000 Naira Airtime

By: / Oct 20, 2020
Airtel denies gifting customers 1000 naira airtime

Yesterday, the Airtel Nigeria network trended on Twitter as users claim they were credited 1000 naira by Airtel. Yes, as seen clearly by screenshots of different users it was clear that the news which circulated was true.

Well, Nigerians claimed that it was a hack carried out by the famous Anonymous group. Right now, the giant network (Airtel) has come out to refute claims they gifted customers 1000 naira airtime 😂

From reports gathered, a reliable source from Airtel Nigeria who chooses not to reveal his identity denied that Airtel wasn't sharing any free airtime to its customers.

Airtel denies gifting customers 1000 naira airtime


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