Singer, Omah Lay Reflects On His Journey To Fame

By: / Nov 20, 2020
Omah Lay Reflects On His Journey To Fame

Omah Lay Reflects On His Journey To Fame

Singer Omah Didia popularly known as Omah Lay has shared some touching write-ups on how he went from nobody to fame.

He finally tells us his story of how he started his music career..

As shared on his official Twitter handle, Omah lay Wrote;

This time last year I was holed up in my tiny room singing my guts out, not knowing if people would ever hear or even appreciate these songs.

Fast forward few months later, those songs came together to become an EP titled ‘Get Layd’ and that shit changed my life!!!

I see myself everywhere, hear myself everywhere, feels great! Everything I ever wished for...

But with it went the simple things of life, I miss being Stanley!!! Got me asking myself sometimes WHAT HAVE WE DONE???!!! Don’t mind me, this shit is still new to me.

I like to think that I have grown since the last time you heard from me and I’m sure you’d hear that from my music.

I have a new EP out at midnight. It’s titled ‘What Have We Done’.💜


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