Ambassador Akosu Mwuese Jennifer Biography; Profile and Pictures

By: / Jul 10, 2021

Lustrous, beautiful and amazing movie producer, gospel singer, actor and entrepreneur Akosu Mwuese Jennifer is a well known television personality in Tiv-land, Benue state and Nigeria to an extension. She begins her journey into the creative industry in 2015 and has clicked her into the heart of many in the movie Adezugwen. The dazzling beauty Queen has won the prestigious TIV CELEBRITY AWARD as the Best Female Actor of the year 2020, and Best Female Producer of the year 2020 respectfully. Multi talented Fair Jenny  signed an ambassadorial deal with Tiv Celebrity Award (TICA) and she is now representing the brand as the Ambassador.

Ambassador Jennifer known by her stage name “Fair Jenny” or “Sankera Finest” graduate from the renowned Gboko  College of Education  Gboko , Benue State.

Tiv, Benue State

Tahav mbu Ngo
Zaan Zungwen
Dyako I wanchoghul
Yange mfa ga
Tor Abagi
Kwa Hiar
Ifer man mtsaha
Ifer man mtsaha
Kurutya wam ka Ter
Ka haama yange mesaan
Anza ase
Mbayuda man mbasamaria
Paregh mtllsaha

Best Female Producer of the year 2020
Best Female Actor of the year 2020
Best Marthin Best Entertainment Group Best Actor of the 2019

Ambassador Jennifer Pictures

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