Ambassador Chacha - Generational Treasure

By: / Aug 21, 2021

P Blinks Fashion Home NG Ltd Ambassador Charity Teryima Fate known as Chacha hails from Konshisha Local Government Area of Benue State. She holds Bsc Library and Information Science from the prestigious Benue State University,  Makurdi.

The journey of Chacha into the  Music industry is an interesting one,  she begins officially in 2015 and her first song was "We are one"  produced by Charles Creation,  since than she has over 30 songs such as,  Mama, Jewel, Revolution and Let ‘em talk to mention but a few.

Chacha abnegation and pugnacity went against all odds to achieved her dreams of been an artist unequivocally put and described her as a goal getter.

Interpersonal relationship is studied today in schools as a discipline. It is the studied of behavioural science that deals with the interaction between a given environment.
At the individual level, those who enter into and have good interpersonal relations are always friendly, cheerful, admirable, successful and Visionary. They are also forward looking, approachable, and free givers of gift Chacha  Falls within this realm,  she is a woman of the people. She had a good interpersonal relationship with people around her.

Many scholars has captured that, the mind generally is like a garden - as you sow, so shall you reap. When you cultivate and nurtured it, obviously it will blossom beyond one's wildest expectations but when you let the weed take - over such will not reach it full potentials; in realization of this truth, Chacha is conscious of what she allows in her mind - positive thoughts, the power to achieved any goal, and the power of personal growth. Even when it seems impossible she stick to her standard, vision and dreams, not been convinced about what she see and hears but that which she believes in. She believes in the unseen, creating something out of nothing, maintaining her uniqueness at all times - indeed, Chacha acts as a catalyst fastening the development and progress of the industry and to an extension Nigeria but remain unchanged. An inspiration to her generation.

It is often said that, to receive praises for real accomplishment engenders - self confidence in one as well as the society mirror itself through one (via commitment, handwork, dedication, passion and contribution) the audacious artist, Chacha is mirrored by the society and has received numerous awards in honour and recognition of her Contributions to the industry, Benue Entertainment Hero of our time among other awards.

The pretty lady, Chacha enamored and engrossed with humility is always uneasy with the encomium expressed by her fans, family and people. She felt unworthy of such praises but interestingly, Chacha is never abashed by her open admiration.

The Amazon of Beauty belongs to the league of determine people, her determination is easily identified by the seed she sow; visibly seen written on her forehead, action, and behaviour. The burning desire serves her as a driving force and she is unstoppable. Patience and determination is in her body system, indeed her environment feels it.

Chacha is a beautiful lady, lull and lucid, smart, intelligent and brilliant. She always looks forward for better days ahead and inspired by dreams of success keeps her hook in the net of determine and courageous people.

Her Friendliness and sociability knew no bounds, she is lovely, humble, respectful, and above all a hardworking lady that wake up to the challenges of her time whenever the need arose; permit to suffice that Charity Teryima Fate "ChaCha"  is an iconic star worthy of emulation.  A treasure of her generation.

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