Fyonna Biography,  Music Career, Age,  Education, Family, Net- Worth and More.

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Fyonna Biography,  Music Career, Age,  Education, Family and More. This article is about Fyonna biography.  Find interesting things about the lustrous star. 

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1. Biography of Fyonna,  Music Career. 

2. Early life of Fyonna, Family,  date of birth,   Education and achievements. 

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3. Net-worth. 

4. Experience with record label

Biography of Fyonna and Music Career . 

Agaa Fiona Mngusuun best known as "Fyonna" is an Afrobeats inspirational and pop R/B  artist and stage performer, endowed with the features of an African Princess of beauty as well as intelligence couple with her lull and lucid personality; it will be just to call her "Queen Esther of the century".  Fyonna hails from Mbagwaza,  Ushongo Local Government Area of Benue State. Born on August 10.

She made her debut with her song title "Kwagh Ngu Eren Mon Ga" after which she did a good number of collaborations and release her single songs too.

Human beings are endowed with variety of talents. Some people are gifted in the literary works, others are blessed and empowered to do better in the entertainment industry. Despite the fact that, everyone has a gift (talent) hidden in him or her waiting to be harness and explore only few persons pay attentions to develop their potentials.

In the same vein, the discovering and development of talents distinguished people in their various area of expertise and specializations. These set of people raise above others, they are lionized and sounds of their deeds are heard from far and near most often it is preserved (via orally, electronic and print media's). Fyonna belong to this group of people. Right from her childhood days, the girl showed much talents in the entertainment world. Naturally endowed with a sensational voice that could easily lured some people to sleep. Her voice had a such heart - soothing tone that could relieve one of his or her psychological problems the moment of hearing it.

Fyonna began her professional music career in 2006 and her first recorded song was title "I like" produced at Jordan King Studio Jos, under the mentorship of Dele Ishola - a producer and video director.

In her early days in the music industry, the lady was confronted with a lot of challenges ranging from sponsorship, and acceptability, however as a lady who knows what she wants, and what she stands for stood her grounds and fight for, and secure her place in the entertainment world.

This made the lady Fyonna to be seen as a role model to many young people of this generation.


Intro Nigeria artist
State Benue
Home town Igboor,  Mbagwaza
Genre Afrobeats Pop & R/b
Date of birth 10, August
Age -
Educational qualification Higher National Diploma
Course of studied Accounting
Institution Fidei Polytechnic,  Gboko
Year of graduation 2020


Fyonna studied Accounting for her tertiary institution. Obtaining her Higher National Diploma in Accountancy at the prestigious and famous Fidei Polytechnic Gboko.

Her song "Kwagh Ngu Eren Mon Ga"  won Best r/b classic of the year, Best female vocalist of the year under Benue lyrical luminaries.


Fyonna is a sort of a private person,  her net worth is yet to be known but undoubtedly she is one of the top female artists of the Benue Origin.


.  Oya now
.  Kwagh ngu eren mo ga
.  Lock Me down


The talented,  outstanding star Fyonna has share her experience when she was with a record label according to her "I was signed to a record label in 2006 under Big choll entertainment,it was a great experience,I was made the first lady of that record because of my hardwork and passion at the time,we moved to Lagos in 2007 and an apartment was allocated to me at Allen avenue. Met with a lot of big names( Olu maintain,Paul play,Rugged man,e.t.c I was lodged where Olu maintain was and at the time he was to release his hit song Yahoozee"....it's funny because we would always dance with him whenever he was practicing his moves for the video shoot. But the deal was off and I came back home to makurdi in 2008".


Connect with Fyonna on her personal social media handles
Facebook page-Fyonna
Snapchat- iamfyonna.
YouTube channel- Fiona james.

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