"Pouring Mud on His Wife": Married Peter Okoye Kisses a Strange Lady at a Show, Angry Fans Watch the Video

By: / Sep 24, 2022

Following the release of a video from the ongoing PSquare World Tour, singer Peter Okoye, nicknamed Mr. P, has sparked passionate responses from many on social media.

The artist was in the middle of a show when he noticed a group of women yelling for him to come over to them.

The singer immediately responded to their request, leant sensually into one of the women, and started to kiss her.

The woman in question had little self-control as she eagerly complied with his request and placed her hands on his face.


Social media users react 

symply_chygirl said: 

"Just look at! In public oo. So imagine what he does in private!!! 

Oniranu." iamprincekc said: 

"Ha! Na wa taught he is married ." destiny_thato said: "This Peter will just b pouring mud on his wife HIAN."

ts_shine said: 

"How can u even kiss someone u don't know ." 

annie_austine_ said: 

"He doesn’t even know the mouth he’s kissing…ha." 


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