Wahala as James Brown, Tackles Bobrisky, For Snubbing Him At A Child’s Birthday Party (Video)

By: / Nov 21, 2022

Crossdresser James Brown, has tackled his senior colleague and former mentor, Bobrisky for snubbing him at a child’s birthday party they both attended on Sunday November 20th, 2022.

The two crossdressers met at a child’s birthday party last night, James Brown was spotted kneeling to greet Bob, the latter however snubbed him.

James took to his insta story and shared a video of him kneeling to greet Bob. In the caption he refered to Bob as the ex-queen while he refered to Papaya ex as the new queen.

He wrote;

“When you see the exqueen you give her respect because the new queen is here”.

In another video making rounds online, James Brown took to IG and stated that Bob congratulated him when he bought his new whip, a range rover car.

He thus noted he doesn’t have issues with Bob and see no reason why he snubbed him at the party.

Watch the video below:

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