Actor Lege Miami weeps as Mr. Macaroni sues him for 50million for making derogatory remarks on social media (video)

By: / Mar 14, 2023

Mr. Macaroni served Lege Miami, a Nollywood actor also known as Adams Kehinde, with a lawsuit for 50 million naira.

Lege Miami shared the letter with the public in an Instagram post to let people know this.

By telling Falana and Falana's chambers, who filed the complaint, that he is friends with Mr. Macaroni and thinks the skit maker did not intend his statements, the actor accused of making defamatory and disparaging remarks tried to hide his fear.

He expressed admiration for Mr. Falana in the video and pledged to see him. Given that they were friends and would address their differences inside, he told Mr. Falana not to worry about his problems with Mr. Macaroni.

Lege Miami criticizes Mr. Macaroni for his message to young people in Nigeria

You may recall that Lege Miami criticized Mr. Macaroni, a skit creator, for his message to Nigerian youngsters.

Young Nigerians were exhorted not to participate in tribal battles and to instead allow politicians to utilize them as a tool of devastation by the skit creator.

The comedian advised the teenagers to maintain their unity and avoid sparking intertribal conflict over politicians "who will always be friends" in a video posted on his Instagram page.

In response, Lege Miami criticized the sketch creator on his Instagram page.

He questioned Mr. Macaroni's involvement in youth issues and his attempts to disparage the administration of Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the incoming president.

Lege noticed the breadth of support for Tinubu among residents of the Easter and Northern states.

“Debo what’s your problem, ki lo fe. Your Oga don do one, you wan start another thing.

If our government no good, the Hausas wouldn’t support us. Some parts of Igbos supported us and this is Lagos State. You are giving them wrong information .

Mr devil what’s your information, can’t you leave the youths alone. Are you the only youth? You are even older than me so you aren’t a youth anymore. You are old, stop all the things you are doing “.