Actress Bakare Zainab Reveals why she love to expose her body

By: / Mar 14, 2023

Actress Bakare Zainab from Nollywood has explained why she enjoys showing off her body on social media.

In an interview with City People TV, the Yoruba actress, who has faced criticism for her lewd photographs on numerous occasions, said that she dresses in whatever makes her feel comfortable.

She claims that her goal is to feel comfortable in her clothes, not to reveal her body.

Bakare continued to explain herself by pointing out that Nigeria's weather is constantly hot and that's why she enjoys flashing some skin.

Bakare Zainab responded to her detractors by pointing out that she is an adult and is therefore old enough to choose her clothing. She continued by saying that many of her peers are already married and living with their husbands.

“I wear what I am comfortable in. This isn’t about exposing my body. Fashion isn’t what people think about you, it is what you are comfortable in. Nigeria weather is bad and sometimes I feel hot and sometimes I feel okay. I don’t think it is anybody’s business the way I dress. I am an adult. I am 35 – really! Some of my age mates have given birth in their husband’s house”.