After getting stranded in an elevator, Ayra Starr and her band start singing in the gospel (Video)

By: / Mar 11, 2023

Many people are talking about a popular video that features the rapidly rising artist Ayra Starr and her band singing praise songs in an elevator.

The celestial creature uploaded a video of her and her crew singing gospel worship after becoming caught in an elevator on her TikTok account via her Instagram story.

They were attempting to overcome their worries and nervousness as they watched Sabi girl, as she is affectionately known, lead them in worship.

Ayra Starr disclosed that as a result, they had to miss one entire event.

We missed the entire show since we were stranded in an elevator.

Many people who responded to it pointed out how secular performers only think of God during difficult times.

One Charles Nnenma wrote, “It’s good to know you guys still believe that God is the Greatest

One Hentox wrote, “Sabi girl wey sabi God

One Omowummy wrote, “If you’ve not been in there situation, you won’t understand how it feels

One Uju Nwa Mandy wrote, “Imagine! Na wen people dey for problem dem dey remember God! Lol

One Deji wrote, “Not her using her secular voice for that #halle part. The church needs you

One Ayzne wrote, “But this Ayra Starr girl has a very sweet voice

One Funmilayo wrote, “Some situation will humble you

One Amina Minaj wrote, “I am not this calm

One Season line luxe wrote, “God forgive us… The humans you created only remember you in problems. No vex for us abeg


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