Blessing CEO instructs men in the art of making a woman submit to them

By: / Mar 7, 2023

Famous relationship and mental guru Blessing CEO from Nigeria has shown men how to control their spouses.

The CEO of Blessed shared this information on her Instagram page along with a photo of herself.

She said that a woman could only be made to submit by a guy if he shows her love. The famous person added that a guy must win a woman's submission by love and labor; it is not something that comes naturally to him.

Dear males, obedience is something you have to acquire through love, she wrote.

The media celebrity most recently collaborated with a wide range of other famous people to solve a problem among married women. She questioned married ladies about why they openly and shamelessly cheat on their husbands.

She also underlined how crucial it is to avoid growing emotionally attached to someone who is not one's spouse to the point of becoming pregnant outside of marriage and burdening the home of one's husband. She also emphasized the harmful effects of such behavior on women who are faithful in their marriages.