‘Do not wash or cook for your boyfriend, I didn’t do it for my man, yet he married me’ – Christabel Egbenya warns ladies

By: / Mar 24, 2023

Nollywood actress, Christabel Egbenya has admonished young girls who cook, wash and do all sorts for their boyfriends with the aim of convincing the men that they are marriageable.

The newly married mother of one made this known in reaction to viral video of a girl who invested all on her saving on her boyfriend who in turn eloped with another lover to overseas.

For Christabel Egbenya, giving a man money is not going to make him marry you. She also warned those who spend days in their man’s house washing, cleaning and doing all sorts of erotic things on bed.

On a video posted on her verified Instagram page, Christabel Egbenya said, “This message if for all you who are yet to get married, yet you pack your bags to man’s house turning yourself into his wife. You will wash, iron, cook his foods. Wash his bathroom and give him access to all your sexual parts. Tomorrow when he dumps for another person, you will start crying and complaining. Why will he not dump you? When you have offered him all you have. Stop being a wify when he has not paid your bride price. “

She continued: “Ask around, for me I don’t go men’s house to cook when I was still single. Cook and wash for you? Have I finished cooking and washing for myself? If I manage to go a man’s house to spend a day, he would be thankful. Because, I don’t usually do that. Also stop giving them money, so you will not be disappointed when they eventually end up not marrying you.”

Christabel Egbenya had earlier argued on the extent to which a man can go to marry a woman he’s in love with.

Speaking on Egbenya TV ‘Talk Show’, the actress claimed money is never the issue for any man’s inability to marry the woman he truly loves.

She stated that such a man can go to the extent of borrowing to have the love of his life as his wife.

According to her, when a man seems to be dragging his feet about marriage it’s a sign that he isn’t satisfied with the woman’s persona and it’s only right for that woman to look for love elsewhere to avoid regrets.

Christabel Egbenya said: “If a man wants to marry you, he will not delay you; he’ll marry you. Men actually know what they want. I’m telling you the truth. If a man is in love with you and wants to marry you, he will not waste time.”

“He’ll even borrow money sef. He might not tell you. I’m just telling you so you don’t waste your time.

“If he’s telling you stories, or you think he’s still telling you stories. Maybe he’s still trying to know who you are, the real you.

“Maybe he’s not comfortable with some of your characters or attitudes.”

Christabel Egbenya added: “So, my darling if you want to exercise patience fine. Of you don’t want to, start looking for someone else. So that you’ll not say somebody broke your heart.

“Because if he really wants to marry you, money is never the issue.”

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