Funke Akindele breaks silence as she speaks on her next move in life

By: / Mar 20, 2023

Nollywood actress Funke Akindele has broken silence on her failure at the Lagos gubernatorial election, speaking on her next move after the loss.

A few minutes ago, Funke Akindele shared a lengthy message on Instagram appreciating her insightful experience on her journey to the Nigerian ballot.

The actress was grateful to Lagos state, who believed in her and supported her decision.

Funke Akindele further appreciated the online and offline messages and supports from her fans and other well-wishers.

The mother of two disclosed that she is moving on from her loss because she is already considering her next moves in life.

She wrote, “It has been an amazing and insightful experience on my journey to the ballot, and I must say, it was an absolute learning curve for me. A lot of things have been learned and unlearned. I sincerely do not regret taking this huge step of running for office.

“I, therefore, want to thank the people of Lagos state for believing in me and supporting my decision to run for office. I saw every message of support online and offline, I heard of all the places where people supported me and challenged those who tried to discredit me. I remember every warm welcome during our campaign tour and the faith you all showed in me. The elections might not have panned out in the way we hoped, but it was an honourable run for us. We fought a good fight indeed as a matter of fact.

“I also want to encourage all who mean well for the Nation and the state of Lagos not to give up. I understand that some of us are beginning to develop some sort of apathy towards the system, however, if we do not speak, we would never be heard. I’m glad that we could at least speak up.

“Thank you once again, Lagos, for showing your daughter support. As I consider my next moves in life, I will continue prioritizing the good of the people and the integrity of my position as an advocate for the people.

Eko oni baje!”

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