“If you know you can’t vote for us, stay at home” Uproar as MC Oluomo reads the riot act ahead of election (Video)

By: / Mar 16, 2023

Ahead of Saturday’s governship and house of Assembly election, MC Oluomo has read the riot act to Lagosians.

In video making rounds on the internet, the Chairman of Lagos Parks, while addressing his people told them to next the next step once they see they are losing.

According to him, if they notice they are losing, they know what to do.

He also advised anyone who wouldn’t be voting for his preferred candidate, Babajide Sanwo-Olu to stay at home.

“Iya Chukwudi, if you know you no wan give for us, sidon for your home o”.

His comment has caused a stir online as many condemned him for inciting violence in Lagos.

One Fobhomes wrote, “How is this guy going Scott free with all this violence insisting actions. I can never understand Nigeria

One Irapada worldwide wrote, “Lagos is their home, what do you expect them to do when another man is coming to take away their food? Fight till death…. It’s the Igbo market I pity

One Femii wrote, “So why y’all not showing where IPOB is threatening people who intend to go and vote on Saturday. I guess it’s called double standard

One Great Brian wrote, “Nothing good can come out of a government that can do this

One Hannah thedew wrote, “And someone said education na scam. Tribalism! Religion! These duos has really manipulated the mindset of Nigerians

One wild flower wrote, “Nigeria stopped being a Democracy in 2015”.

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