Laide Bakare disputes the untrue allegation that she has naked images circulating on social media

By: / Mar 14, 2023

Laide Bakare, a Yoruba actress, denied rumors that her naked photos were going viral on social media.

A well-known blogger by the name of gistlover wrote about this allegation earlier in the week, saying that Laide delivered her nudes to her lover, who then shared them with the public while promising to reveal the photographs later.

Laide posted a warning about these claims on her Instagram feed.

The actress said that although she was tempted to ignore the tale, she chose to do it in order to uphold their reputation and allay the worries of their loved ones, friends, and supporters.

Laide Bakare went on to further establish her status as an international role model, producer of motion pictures, and actor, as well as her intention to work with law enforcement and cyber security specialists to apprehend those responsible for the harmful conduct.