Why would a woman abandon her unfaithful spouse to date a married man? Actor Seun Jimoh poses a perplexing query

By: / Mar 7, 2023

Nollywood star Seun Sean Jimoh has posed a perplexing query to his enormous following.

The Yoruba actor questions why a married woman would leave her cheating spouse for a married man on his Instagram page.

Seun Jimoh claimed that he has witnessed this action on a number of occasions and is perplexed by it.

"I can't understand why a lady would divorce her spouse after discovering his infidelity and begin seeing a married man while she is single.

Someone explain it to me since I've seen this happen a few times and I'm just confused.

The frightening rate at which married women in Lekki commit adultery is revealed by Sandra Iheuwa

Businesswoman and Ubi Franklin's mother Sandra Iheuwa made worrisome remarks about married women who cheat on their spouses last year, particularly those who reside in the Lekki area of Lagos State.

On her Instagram page, the business magnate posted the surprising update.

Sandra Iheuwa voiced her dismay and displeasure with the extent of dishonesty that has spread throughout Lekki.

How a married man could be romancing a coworker was another thing she questioned.

She said, "It's disturbing how several married women cheat on their spouses, especially in Lekki. How is it possible for a married lady to be having a workplace romance? Na wa o, she uttered.