Niger State Government: A Responsible Government That Prioritizes the Welfare of its Citizens

By: / Apr 14, 2023


The Niger State Government under the leadership of His Excellency, Alhaji Abubakar Sani Bello is a responsible one that has respect for its citizens. One thing that can never be swept away is the high sense of responsibility shown by the government concerning the prompt payment of salaries - be it for civil servants or political appointees.

The welfare of civil servants and Nigelites in general remains the top priority of the government.  Curiously, in the last few weeks, there has been campaign of calumny targeted at the state's Commissioner of Finance, Alh. U.T. Mohammed, a refined, well disciplined and a man of impeccable character who abhors corruption - a man known for respecting the rule of law. It is a fact that the appointment of Alh. U.T. Mohammed as Commissioner of Finance was a saving grace.

This is because his coming stabilised the finances of the state, thus placing it is on the path of financial greatness anchored on transparency and avid prudence. The campaign of calumny sponsored by some unpatriotic and selfish individuals is aimed at eroding the achievements recorded by Alh. U.T. Mohammed. These individuals are bent on demonizing him and the government but all their efforts have failed as the glaring achievements and professional competence of Alh. U.T. Mohammed remains intact and even glowing. Although no human effort can be said to be perfect, but posterity will put him and the government in good light.

The manufactured lies being sponsored in some quarters are not unconnected with the little hitches encountered in the payment of salaries for political appointees for the month of March 2023. The delay in the payment is largely due to the short fall in the state's revenue from FAAC allocation and internally generated revenue inflows and not the malicious and concocted view that the money allocated for the payment was diverted for other sundry projects. It is evil for anyone to associate the Honourable Commissioner of Finance with such wicked acts given his personality as a man whose love for the welfare Nigerlites is sacred.

This rejoinder is a passionate appeal to the political appointees to be patient and sustain their faith in the compassionate and people-centred government of Governor Abubakar Sani Bello. This is because efforts are in top gear to address the situation. Those sponsoring and encouraging the campaign of calumny against the Honourable Commissioner and the Niger State Government are advised to refrain from such; instead, they should find better ways to use their time or engage the government in a fair and honest criticism that is tailored towards improving good governance.

I am concluding this rejoinder by stating that Alh. U.T. Mohammed has been of enormous blessings to the state. He has continued to serve the state faithfully and within the dictates of the Law. He will be leaving a legacy of selfless service and very much loyal to His Excellency, Alh (Dr.) Abubakar Sani Bello. At the moment, the State Government is already expending prudently on the ongoing projects in all parts of the state with a view of completing and commissioning the projects while concluding arrangements for the settling of all outstanding payments within available resources.

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